1. Do you serve vegetarian dishes?

We have some dishes that are cooked with vegetables only. However, the sauces may contain some chicken broth/stock. We do have a salad bar available that is 100% vegetarian.

2. Does your restaurant food contain MSG?

Most of the dishes do consume a small amount of MSG in our recipe. However, you may still enjoy some other food like Japanese whereby fresh sushi and sashimi (Dinner only) are served. We also have fresh seafood (Dinner only) and salad to choose from. Otherwise, please feel free to approach our chefs at the "noodle bar" and inform them of your allergy. They will be more than willing to prepare MSG-free stir fry dishes for you.

3. Does the menu between lunch and dinner session vary?

Our prices vary from sessions and times. Peking Duck, tempura, seafood and Sashimi are only available during dinner session. However you can refer to our food menu on the website for further information.

4. What type of oil do you use in the dishes?

All our dishes are prepared using vegetable oil.

5. What type of seafood do you serve?

Our seafood range consists of mussels, peeled and unpeeled prawns, smoked salmon, oysters and crabs.

6. Why is the price lower between Mondays and Thursdays?

The food selection is the same most of the days except for Special Occasions. As it gets really packed and customers often don't get a table, we set the price lower for Mondays to Thursdays as compared to Fridays-Sundays, hoping to encourage customers to come Mondays to Thursdays when it's less packed.

7. Are you licensed?

We are fully licensed with a wide range of alcoholic beverages like wine, spirits and beer. However, BYO is not included.

8. Is your food gluten-free?

Unfortunately, most of our food contains gluten. However, you can still enjoy gluten-free food from our sashimi, seafood, salad and fruit bar.

9. Why are children charged?

Please note that all kids under the age of 3 are entitled to a special discounted price of AUD10 for the special service and attention required to make your visit a pleasurable experience. A high chair will be provided and set up with the adults so that your child would not feel left out. Should your child creates a mess at the table, our staff will be there to clean up for you so there is one less worry for you.

If you have babies below the age of 1 who are not consuming any of our restaurant food, please inform our staff in advance and we will happily waive the AUD10 fee.